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AP History Teacher and originator of the Student Government Project and Breakfast, Nancy ClarkCongressman Jim McGovernTyler Mikulis and Max Vumbaca pay tribute to Nancy Clark.Nancy and Ron ClarkDottie Ferriter of the Hopkinton Marathon Committee talks with students at the Government Breakfast on March 23, 2012.Superintendent Jonathan Landman talks to students at the 18th Annual Student Government Breakfast.Planning Board Chairman Ken WeismantelSenator Karen Spilka at the Student Government BreakfastSchool Committee member Rebecca Robak at the Student Government Breakfast.Students talk with Congressman Jim McGovern at the Student Government Breakfast on March 23, 2012Senator Karen SpilkaState Representative Carolyn Dykema addresses students during Student Government Week at Hopkinton HIgh.Representative Carolyn Dykema at the Student Government Breakfast

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