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Created 17-Oct-12
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Photos by Mike Torosian and Michelle Murdock
Students get ready for the Special Olympics basketball game in the Middle School gym as part of the MLK Day activities in Hopkinton.Students  gather in the Middle School cafeteria for breakfast before the 9:30A keynote speech by Dr. Jonathan Landman.MLK Event Coordinator Margie Wiggin chats with Town Manager Norman Khumalo at the MLK Day Breakfast.Dr. Landman and Officer Phil Powers chat at the MLK Day Breakfast at the Middle School cafeteria.Dr. Landman talks with event coordinator Margie Wiggin just prior to his keynote speech for MLK Day.Dr. Landman speaks about MLK's enduring message.beFree Students get read for a busy day at the MLK Day Blood Drive in the Doyle Gym.Red Cross Blood Drive in the Doyle Gym.

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