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Created 17-Oct-12
30 photos

All Photos © Michelle Murdock
Getting ready for the Green Glan Fashion Runway© Michelle MurdockAmelia Maggiore poses with the dress she made out of recycled paper at the HPTA Green Day Expo.© Michelle MurdockVisitors to the Sparks Art Studio booth at the HPTA Green Expo made crafts out of recyclables.© Michelle MurdockAnother creation with recyclables.© Michelle MurdockAt the craft  table sponsored by Sparks Art Studio© Michelle MurdockAnushka Dattar is busy at the arts and crafts table sponsored by  Sparks Art Studio.© Michelle MurdockArbonne was one of many "green" vendors displaying their wares.© Michelle MurdockDiscovery Museum travelling exhibit visits the HPTA Green Expo.Photo by Michelle MurdockBrownies in Troop 2955 participate in an heat experiment conducted by the Discovery Museum of Action.© Michelle MurdockModels in the Green Glam Fashion Runway pose at the conclusion of their fashion show.  All clothing was made from recyclable materials.© Michelle MurdockHPTA President Cindy Bernardo and HPTA member Esther Driscoll greet attendees as the HPTA Green Expo on Saturday, April 30th.© Michelle MurdockA composter and a recycling bin on display at the HPTA Green Expo.

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