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Everything Hopkinton for September 2011 -- See individual photos for credit.
September 8, 2011 - This Budweiser delivery truck caused some property damage when it went off the road at 38 East Main Street at about 1:30 PM.© Dick BartlettSeptemer 16, 2011 - Volunteers and members of the Friends of the Library are busy this morning making lots of their famous apple crisp to get ready for Polyarts on Saturday.© Michelle MurdockSeptember 16, 2011 -- Hopkinton DPW workers clear a large downed tree at the top of West Main Street that was uprooted by Tropical Storm Irene.© Michelle MurdockSeptember 14, 2011 - The water was calm on Lake Whitehall for this fisherman in his canoe on one of the last days of summer.© Dick BartlettSeptember 14, 2011 - The District 14 Technical Rescue Team finishes their second day of drills with a construction site accident involving a van.© Mike TorosianSeptember 13, 2011 - The District 14 Technical Rescue Team held a trench rescue drill at the Laborers Training Center.© Dick BartlettSeptember 16, 2011 - Hopkinton firefighters were the Rapid Intervention Team for a fire on Luby Ave in Milford at about 11:30 AM. Rescue 1 and Car 1 with Chief Clark responded.© Dick BartlettSeptember 8, 2011 - One person received serious injuries and was transported to UMass in Worcester following this crash on West Main Street at about 8:45 AM.© Dick BartlettSeptember 9, 2011 - Firefighters responded to a car fire on Baker Lane at about 6:45 PM. Eng -2 , Eng - 4 and Car 1 responded. The cause is under investigation.© Dick BartlettSeptember 11, 2011 - Residents gathered for a short memorial service at the Town Gazebo to honor and remember those who died on 9/11 ten years ago today.© Michelle MurdockSeptember 12, 2011 - Hopkinton Police , Fire and the Mass. State Police were called to 50 West Main for a missing person . The person was located about an hour later unharmed.© Dick BartlettSeptember 14, 2011 - Traffic on Rt 495 northbound was backed up south of the Mass pike because of an accident in the Southborough - Marlborough area.© Dick BartlettSept 29, 2011 - This grasshopper is trying to figure out how to attach a lens to a camera.© Dick BartlettSeptember 21, 2011 - E.L. Harvey CEO and Treasurer James Harvey is congratulated on his company's 100th anniversary by Denzil Drewry representing Senator Scott Brown. © Michelle MurdockSeptember 21, 2011 - HCAM Intern Courtney Taylor and News Producer Stephanie Kane prepare to take a facility tour at E.L. Harvey's 100th Anniversary celebration.© Michelle MurdockSeptember 22, 2011 - The crew of Senior View tape their latest episode at HCAM, discussing services offered to seniors.© Mike Torosian

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