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Created 17-Oct-12
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School committee member Troy Mick and Superintendent Jonathan Landman talk to Elmwood Principal Ilene Silver before heading out to read duriing Community Reading Day.Community readers gather in the Elmwood library for coffee and refreshments before heading to classrooms to read.Cherylann Lambert-Walsh and Dale Danahy are ready to read.School committee member Scott Aghababian will be reading "14 Cows for America".Cherylann Lambert-Walsh and Principal Ilene Silver get ready for Community Reading Day at Elmwood School.Rep. Carolyn Dykema and Tim Kilduff wait for students to escort them to classrooms for Community Reading Day at Elmwood School.Mrs. Bagley's 3rd grade class poses with reader Tim Kilduff.Tim Kilduff reads to Mrs. Bagley's third grade class.Rep. Carolyn Dykema is a community reader.Town Manager Norman Khumalo reads to 3rd graders at Elmwood.

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