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Created 17-Oct-12
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Photos by the beFree Project
Jack Walters, Max Joyce, Sasha Yatchenko and Patrick Dumas performed the final act of the Fall Jam.Group of girls enjoying the evening.Olivia Dumas, emcee for the event, checks in with performers Stephen Grosso and Collin Wiedersheim as John Oldach looks on.Kelly Fournier, Victoria Strain, Holly Franke and Meg White pose for the camera."Tiffany's Birthday" kicked off the Fall Jam.  Band members, from left, are Ben Dibona, Tim O'Malley, Josh Perez on drums, Aidan Connelly, John Schofield and Lucas Carbonneau.Home by 10" band members in action (Mary Kate Shanahan, Jeff Wagner, Adrian Emrick and Joey Grabmeier).Evan Katz adjusts the mic before beginning his song.

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